Which makes men fall in love: the looks or personality of the woman?

Petar Ivanovic, on Quora:

Actually, let me give you all the proper answer (since I’m a male).

The looks don’t make us fall in love, like, ever.

Looks just draw our attention. We need to see your real personality in order to fall in love. I once met a girl that I thought was really pretty and all but forgott about her after 2 days. After some time when we met again, we actually spent some time together and at first I didn’t like her at all, but she had pure heart, and was always happy, somewhat vulerable.

That’s when I realised I wanted ‘that’ by my side, not her looks, but her personality. I want to wake up and see her smile first thing in the morning. It makes my life full. Know this: when a man starts thinking about his future with you, he is in love.

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